5 Practical Tips for Fall Prevention in Respite Homes & Private Homes

The risks of falling can be severe, especially for the elderly or individuals with medical conditions or mobility impairments. While hospitals should always have nursing staff on hand to promptly assist any patients who have fallen (or are at risk of falling), respite homes and private homes may have fewer opportunities to provide proactive and […]

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Accessible Travel Tips for Individuals with Disabilities

Travelling can be an enriching and joyful experience, but it can equally be challenging for individuals with disabilities. Accessible options may or may not be available in faraway destinations, thereby limiting travel options, or, at the very least, posing unique challenges for these individuals. Nevertheless, the joy of travel can be experienced and enjoyed with […]

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Personal Care Assistance Services

How Better Care Services Builds Bonds Between Support Workers and Clients

Building a good reputation and providing superb customer service can go a long way. If the entire focus of the business is on helping to care for individuals with disabilities – the emphasis is on building a strong relationship and bond with each and every client for a collaborative effort to meet goals.  As a […]

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Top Tips for Adapting Homes and Living Spaces for People With Disabilities

A loss of mobility can lower self-esteem and confidence, making the individual feel dependent and less capable of performing otherwise routine daily tasks. Adapting homes and living spaces for people with disabilities is a proactive way of empowering individuals to feel more independent, live life with greater dignity, and increase motivation to partake in daily […]

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