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  • We are one of the reputed and registered NDIS providers operating all over Brunswick. Our NDIS Disability Support service is affordable. Our workers are highly skilled and accredited with all the services to provide, including NDIS Support Coordination Services, Personal care service Melbourne, and Community Participation Health Services at affordable prices. Our packages are budget-friendly. If you are confused about our packages, our team of NDIS experts will help you choose the right package for you that suits your needs. If you are thinking of taking an NDIS service, please feel free to contact us at 1300306154 for any kind of query. We are always available to help you and solve your queries.

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded program in Australia that provides support and services for individuals with a disability. The NDIS aims to empower people with a disability by giving them access to necessary resources, care, and assistance to help them achieve their goals and live an independent life.

    Premier Disability Care Services in Brunswick

    At Better Care Services, we offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Some of our primary services include:

    • Personalized care and support: Our team of dedicated staff members work closely with you to understand your specific needs and create a tailored plan to achieve your goals.
    • Assistance with daily tasks: We provide assistance with various daily tasks such as household chores, transportation, personal care, and meal preparation.
    • Therapy and rehabilitation: Our qualified therapists offer a range of therapies to help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
    • Supported employment: We have partnerships with local businesses to provide supported employment opportunities for individuals with a disability

    Brunswick Disability Services Process

    Our process of Brunswick disability services starts with an initial consultation where we get to know you and understand your goals and needs. Based on this, we create a personalised plan that outlines the services and support you will receive from us. We regularly review and update this plan to ensure it is meeting your changing needs.

    Once the plan is in place, we work with you to implement it and provide ongoing support and care. Our team members are available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have.

    Benefits of Brunswick Disability Services

    At our organisation, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care and support to our clients. Some of the benefits of choosing us include:

    • Personalised and tailored services that meet your individual needs.
    • Experienced and qualified staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
    • Ongoing support and assistance to help you live an independent and fulfilling life.
    • Access to a wide range of therapies and support services.
    • A focus on your well-being and empowerment, not just your disability.

    Disability services in Brunswick play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to the support they need. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been established in Australia to provide funding to those who require assistance with everyday tasks due to their disability. As members of the community, we can contribute to this cause by raising awareness and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities. This can mean speaking out against discrimination, becoming involved in disability advocacy groups, and supporting local organisations that provide services to those with disabilities.

    By working together, we can ensure that all individuals have the resources they need to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

    We also provide the services listed below.



A Service You Can Rely On

  • Our Vision

    We believe in and support equitable and inclusive communities for people living with disabilities. Having services that are of high quality we aim to empower people so they may pursue lives that are purposeful for them through a non-obstructive means.

  • Our Mission

    Better Care Services enhances the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities by providing inclusive programs and services of the highest quality and value. We give people the power to achieve their goals by providing consistently welcoming and positive services

  • Our Values

    The core values embraced by Better Care Services guide us in every decision we make and they are:

    • Quality
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Empathy
    • Innovation
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